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I have 10 public humiliation dares for you sissy. 10 dares for you to complete while you're all dressed up in your girly maid's uniform. Ranked between sissy danger level 1 and sissy danger level 10 these dares will put you at an escalating risk of being exposed, publicly humiliated, or exploited. Before you start it is important that you are fully feminized in your public humiliation uniform - a frilly foo-foo sissy-maid uniform.

Besides your pretty dress, I want you in full sissy lingerie. Stockings, corset, panties - everything. Your heels must be as tall as you can walk in. You must wear a pretty long wig too sissy. Finally, lock everything on and leave the keys at home - you won't need to remove any of your clothes for your humiliation dares so leave the keys at home.

When you're fully dressed, and everything is secured - you may head out to your car to begin your public humiliation dares. All 10 can be completed in one day or you may prefer to spread the humiliation over a longer period of time. Document your progress sissy - I want to know how you get along with each of these dares.