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You must be so excited sissy. It's nearly your big day - the day you are given to your new owner. Your pretty, feminized body has been sold to a strict master - a strict dominant man who has paid for a submissive sissy bride. All the surgery, all the training, and all the suffering you've had to endure to become the best sissy for us is all for this - turning you into an obedient sissy housewife. We're sure your new owner is excited to see you too sissy. He'll watch you taking your tiny mincing steps down the aisle in your painfully high heels. He'll watch your new girlish curves sway as you roll your hips towards him and we're sure he'll notice your silicone enhanced chest, bursting out of your tight wedding dress as you present yourself to him with a dainty curtsey. You're going to look every inch the girl we always planned you to be on your big day.

It'll be a small wedding but it certainly won't be light on humiliation for you. A selection of guests will be present to cause you maximum embarrassment. Some of the ex-girlfriends who broke your heart and the real-men they replaced you with, our intimidatingly hot girlfriends, the bullies who have made your life a misery over the years - literally everyone who will get a kick out of seeing you feminized and offered to a dominant man to be his sissy bride. You'll probably tremble as you stand there in front of everyone - your knees weak as you accept every humiliating vow in front of the giggling guests. That you'll obey your new master, that you'll be submissive at all times, take care of his every need, complete your chores in your pretty uniform, and that you'll be permanently locked in chastity. It's going to be the most humiliating day of your life sissy.

After the ceremony, your new dominant master will lead you back down the aisle on all fours with a leash snapped to your collar. You'll wiggle away to your new life with the sound of all our laughter ringing in your ears. Soon you'll be serving as his sissy housewife - being the girl you have been fully trained to be. You will serve your new master - you will be kept in the most girly clothes at all times and will perform your chores with restrictive cuffs and bondage to ensure you always feel like owned property. You will always be submissive to him and will only speak when permitted. You will take care of his every demand, from offering your mouth and boi-pussy to him when required, to submitting to his darkest fantasies. Soon your old life will be forgotten sissy and you will learn to accept your new role as a real man's sissy housewife.