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Sniff Our Popper Soaked Socks
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You're so pathetic. You basically can't get off now unless you're writhing around on the floor beneath hot girl's feet. I mean seriously loser - our feet? Luckily for you, having a pointless loser like you worshiping my feet while I totally fucking humiliate you is kinda funny. Pushing my cute socks into your ugly face and making you struggle for air while I completely ignore you - so funny! I've even come up with a way to make it even more extreme for you. Before I sit my perfect ass onto my thrown, Im going to soak my pretty, girlie socks in poppers. Im gonna make you kneel at my goddess feet and push them right into your pervert face - smothering you with my popper-soaked socks - forcing my toes into your mouth and covering your nose. OMG you'll have no choice but to gasp for air through my socks - breathing in a heavy dose of poppers as you fight for breath. Seriously - you're gonna be so desperate to cum - but losers like you don't get to cum without MY permission. Im going to put a sock in your mouth and cover your face with my perfect feet and laugh as you squirm on the floor beneath me. You'll beg for me to let you cum but you're just not important to me Im gonna ignore you and talk on the phone to one of my BFFs about our boyfriends, and all the stuff we like to do with real men who don't get off on being humiliated. I'll shoot you an insult or two and giggle as I break you with shame. Then - maybe when Im done fucking with you - I'll either let you cum all over my princess toes and make you lick it all up... or I'll leave you blue balled and denied.
Mia Middleton
09/09/2018 - 14 minutes
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