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Sorry - We're Breeding Your Girl
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Yeah so I guess you're wondering what happened to wifey or your girlfriend or whatever right? OK so we took her away while you were out - you should probably forget about her for now because she's not coming back for a while actually. We saw you with her the other day and thought she'd make the perfect breeding slut for our Alpha black guys. She's literally tied to some mattress right now getting fucked by a whole bunch of them. They're all gonna have so much fun with her. Y'know we even got your perfect little princess inked with a queen of spades tattoo over her ankle and a 'blacks only' tramp-stamp right above her cute little ass. She's permanently advertising herself as being a slut for black cock now. How does it make you feel knowing all those black cocks are fucking your girl - breeding her! They're all going to pump their superior black cumloads inside your helpless girl - over and over - one after another all night long. She's going to be fucked by so many black guys and then made to suck their cocks. She's going to be filled with their cum and then made to swallow everything they give her. They're going to make your cute girl their obedient snow-bunny whore before sending her back to you - in less than perfect condition. So sorry loser.
Daisy Dillon
05/11/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Sorry - We're Breeding Your Girl - #homewrecker