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Teased Into Cock Addiction
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I'm your dream girl aren't I loser? I have the perfect body, big tits, long blonde hair and so so pretty. I'm seriously hot and on top of that - I have that bad-girl attitude you love. I'm confident, dominant and arrogant - you LOVE me! I am so far out of your league you'd literally do anything for me - just for your chance to 'impress' me right? I know boys like you - and I know that no matter how addicted to my beautiful feminine body you may be - I can turn you into a faggot. You think you're straight, looking at me, jerking off as I tease you with my perfect ass, my perfect tits, my perfect body, but if I told you to suck a cock for me - you will. You are weak - I'm your addiction right at this moment but if I want you to be addicted to cock next - that's what you'll crave. So keep jerking faggot while I tease you into cock addiction. Watch my dream-girl body as I tell you that it's cock you need - it's cock you deserve. You're going to be a faggot - you're going to suck cock for me because you want to please me. You want me to be happy right faggot? So you'll suck cock for me - and let them cum in your mouth. You want to do it properly right faggot? You want me to see you trying to please me by eating cum for me? If you suck cock for me and swallow his cum - I'll keep teasing you with my hot body - giving you all the attention you love. I know you want to become addicted to cock for me faggot. I love calling you a faggot and you want to it to be real for me don't you? You don't want me to have to pretend you're a faggot - so just suck cock, swallow cum and tell me how much of a cock-addicted faggot you are.
Mila Amora
24/03/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Teased Into Cock Addiction - #ForcedBi