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The CruelGirlfriend Handbook (Pt1)
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Enough is enough loser. It's about time your REAL wife or girlfriend found out what a pathetic beta wimp her other half really is. You come back here over and over again to watch another humiliation clip. Watching a beautiful, bratty Cruel Girlfriend berate and ridicule you when I KNOW I could encourage your own girl to do it just as well as we can. In fact go and get your girlfriend or your wife or your friend right now. Go on, go and get them now - I want them to watch the rest of this clip with you! You may pretend to them that you're not a submissive loser but I know the truth and everybody else needs to know it too. Starting with your girlfriend! Go get her, go on, I will wait!.. Instuctions for wife/girlfriend follow...
Miss Maisie
23/11/2018 - 9 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - The CruelGirlfriend Handbook (Pt1) - #femalesupremacy