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It's Purge night - so you know what that means right? You're getting cuckolded again haha! Don't be sad cucky - it's not just you - all beta wimp of boyfriends and husbands get cheated on tonight. As soon as that curfew alarm sounds - betas are fair game. All year, girls like me have been planning who to cheat on their wimps with, how to cause them the most humiliation for the night - I mean it's only one night a year - we've got to make the most of it. I can fuck whoever I like tonight cucky and I can do it however I like and there's nothing you can do about it... and OMG have I got the best Purge night planned! I'm going to make you get me ready. You'll bathe me, you'll dry me, you'll paint my toes and help dress me in your favourite lingerie. You'll help me pick an outfit and you'll help me put it on and slip into my heels. I want to look so fucking hot for all the real men that are exempt from the Purge. I've sent messages to all the men I know will hurt you the most to see fucking me. Your boss, your friends, my ex's, the guys that bully you - all of them have Purge-night passes to fuck your girlfriend. Any moment now - men are going to start to arrive to take full advantage of your girlfriend. You know how many guys want to take me from you tonight? So many cuck and they're all gonna get their chance. Purge rules state you have to be so polite and submissive to all of them too - no matter how jealous you are. I can't wait to rub that jealousy all over your beta face. I'm going to fuck and suck all of them right in front of you all night and you can't say a thing - ever!

Added: 30 Dec 2019
Clip Length: 14m 13s