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Just so you know - I consider touching your cock 'cheating' so if you want to keep me as your dream-girl trophy girlfriend I'm gonna have to lock it up. The thought of you 'cheating' on me when I'm out with the girls, at the salon or with one of my real men just grosses me out baby. You're going to have to wear a chastity device so that I know you're being totally faithful to me. No unauthorised touching, no jerking off to porn - fuck, you won't even be able to get hard just thinking about girls! You'll be 100% faithful with your cheating cock all squished away in its little device. Of course, I'll still be able to cheat on you whenever I like - and I mean REALLY cheat on you. I mean just because you have to spend your life locked up in chastity it doesn't mean I should go without, right? So I'll carry on dating my real men, picking up hot guys at the club, swiping right on the apps and hooking up with my ex's to get all the pleasure I deserve! I'm allowed to cheat - you're not and in fact - you can't now that I've got you snapped inside that little cock prison. Trust me cuckold, this is going to make you a better man. You'll never be able to touch your cock again - no matter how much you want to. And when I'm out with the girls or a date - I'll know you're being faithful. I guess this would be so much easier for you if I wasn't so fucking hot huh cuckold? I mean, watching me getting ready to cheat on you, trying on my hottest lingerie sets, cute little outfits and tormenting you about what real men are gonna do to your little princess tonight is gonna be really hard for you huh? You're gonna be desperate to touch it, cuckold!

Added: 19 Aug 2019
Clip Length: 15m 04s