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Wedding Present From Your Boss
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Oh, look honey, your boss has bought us a wedding present - how thoughtful of him! Can we open it now before we head off on our wonderful honeymoon together? I can't wait to see what he's bought us!.. Oh! It's a pink chastity cage and a padlock with no key! How very unusual! There's a note too - let me read it!.. Hmmm, honey don't get upset but it says you've got to put the chastity device on right now and let me snap the lock shut. I guess now would be a good time to come clean about a few things. The thing is your boss and I have been fucking behind your back - he's just so 'Alpha' and charming and hot - I just couldn't resist. I told him that I didn't want to hurt you and that you're quite sensitive and submissive and he suggested we make you our cuckold. I kinda like the idea too honey. He gets to fuck me, I get the best sex I could ever want and you get to be my submissive cuckold husband. So, it seems your boss expects you to be locked up in chastity now that we're married. I guess he doesn't want you thinking you can use your pathetic little cock on me just because it's our honeymoon. He's kinda possessive and he's not gonna want you fucking HIS girl ever again. He's gonna keep hold of the key to your device all through the honeymoon and after we get back. It's gonna be so hard for you seeing me sat around the pool in my hot little bikini sets, suffering in your little pink cock cage but at least your boss will know you're not touching what is only for him from now on. When we get home, I want you to thank him personally for such a wonderful wedding present!
Daisy Dillon
07/12/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Wedding Present From Your Boss - #chastity