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Don't you think they look just perfect? I know that they're exactly what I was looking for. Huge tits, so big and fake that when men walk down the street and see me they can't help but stare. I made sure to put on this outfit especially too - because it shows them off so well don't you think?... not for you, of course, for the all the boys that get to see me on my way over here. You should see how men look at me - their jaws open, their eyes wide - I an tell that they were imagining these big tits bouncing in their faces while I rode their real-man cocks. Just think - I get this much attention when they're all covered up in my cute little outfits - they look SO good - and they look even better when I'm not wearing anything over them! They're just what I've always wanted; a pair of huge fake tits to go with the rest of this perfect body. I'm literally a dream-girl now - all thanks to you.

Of course, it was only fair that you paid for them. That's your job, right? You didn't even have to think twice - You jumped at the chance to pay for me to get my tits enhanced. I guess you thought you were going to get your hands all over them huh? That I would repay your generosity with some quality time with my perfect new tits? Oh, but these were never for you. Nah-ah - none of this is for you. It's all for me - and the other men that I'm going to let enjoy my new tits. All for them. Trust me, I like them all the more knowing that I made you pay for them; I just got to ruin your credit to get the very best on the market. The whole time, you were expecting that I'd show you themů I'd let you touch themů I'd let you cum on them! Ha! OMG you have no idea just how stupid you are...

You know, I didn't spend all your money on these things. No cuckold, I made sure to keep a little credit left over for you. You made my tits bigger - and I'm gonna make your cock smaller. You're already booked in for the surgery that's going to shrink down that dick of yours to a size that suits you. The size you deserve to be. You're going to come back with a tiny little dick that's good for nothing but being locked up in chastity for the rest of your life. Uh-huh - you're having cock-reduction surgery. And, when your dick is shrunk down, I'm going to go out and find real men to fuck me - they're all going to get to enjoy the tits that you paid for. While you sob at the sight of your smaller dick! How do you feel about that? Not fair? It's not meant to be. You'll be sitting at home, your puny little cock locked away for life, while other men fuck me and play with my amazing new tits that you went into so much debt for.