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You're Gonna Take It Doggy Style
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You're going to be my four-legged bitch! You're going to wear a collar, you're going to eat and drink from a bowls on the floor and you're going to be made to walk on a leash wherever I decide to take you. Your whole life is gonna be doggy-style. You have no rights you have no clothes and you have no belongings - you're my owned pet. You'll live in the cage - just like a real dog would. You'll be fed 2 disgusting meals per day comprising of a tin of gross doggy food and some biscuits. It will taste SO fucking bad loser, but it'll give you all the nourishment you need, and it'll be really funny to watch you struggle through every revolting mouthful. You'll be given a weekly scrub with pet-shampoo and a heavy brush. It will hurt but you will be clean. You will wear a cute plug in your ass at all times that has a long fluffy tail and you will also wear a little chastity cage - I don't want you humping my leg or something right? In time I'll have you castrated like all the other pets that come here to be trained. Every day you will be taken for a long walk. I will attach a leash to your collar and take you out of the house for your exercise and for you to go to the toilet. It will be highly embarrassing for you at first. It takes a while to get used to the humiliating of being seen - being led around like a bitch by a hot girl in public. Girls will laugh at you and boys will call you humiliating names, but you will learn to accept your new status. Finally, once a week you will be taken to the kennels where you will be bred with my other trained pets. This is where you will truly understand what is meant by doggy style loser!
Mila Amora
03/03/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - You're Gonna Take It Doggy Style - #PuppyPlay