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It's going to be humiliating that's for sure. It's going to be so humiliating for you that we're not even sure you'll ever be able to look at yourself in the mirror ever again. That's our intention - our plan for you - to humiliate and degrade you so deeply that you'll never recover from it - you'll never see yourself as a man - maybe not even a person. You'll be stripped of your dignity and mentally broken beyond all repair - for our entertainment and for the pleasure of all the men who are going to use you. You're coming with us to an underground gay-club that the Femdom community use to humiliate runts like you. We've brought sissies here to pay for our drinks by providing sexual favours to men under the tables, but what we have planned for you is a whole new level of humiliation. Just like the poor sissies we traded for cocktails, you'll have your fair share of cocks to suck - but you won't be hiding away under a table - going to be spending your whole night on a piss-soaked concrete floor in a filthy public bathroom.

We've got a leather gimp-mask to lock to your head - removing your identity and stripping you of your senses. Your eyes, nose and ears will be blocked from the world with just your mouth left exposed and stretched open with a steel 'O' gag. You're going to cuffed with heavy steel shackles and chained to the disgusting urinals. You have no fucking idea what's coming to you faggot but we do. We know that as soon as we say so, men will begin taking advantage of your predicament. You'll have no warning before the first cock forces it's way into your mouth - making you gag as the stranger pushes it deeper and deeper into your throat. You'll hear our muffled laughter as you drool and splutter on every inch. Your anonymous fuck-hole is going to accept everything that man gives you and every other man after him. Your mouth is going to be fucked over and over by complete strangers and none of them are going to care about what you're going through under that mask. Not one little bit, faggot.

We'll stay for a little while to enjoy the show. We'll tell the men that you're not gay, that this is being forced upon you for our amusement - that we enjoy humiliating you and watching you get bullied by men. We'll cheer them on as cumload after cumload fill your mouth and soak your mask and then we'll leave you to your ordeal while we enjoy ourselves in the club. You can suffer the relentless abuse of so many men, unable to resist, unable to speak, unable to do a thing about it. Your mouth will be filled with cum until your bullies find even more disgusting ways to abuse you. Are you ready to be used as their public urinal, faggot? Are you ready to have your cum-soaked face hosed down with strangers piss - your mouth clamped wide open as you're sprayed with their piss? It doesn't matter if you're ready or not - you can't stop what they're going to do to you. You can't beg them to stop, you can't fight them off - all you have to do is take it - every degrading, humiliating moment of it.

Custom Request: I would love to be chained up in a filthy public bathroom and made to degrade myself so much that I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. And humiliated in public and used by complete strangers. Locked in a mask with only a mouth hole and with my hand taped up so I can't leave. Forced to lick up strangers piss and shit.