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I'd love to watch you getting rejected by a real-life Barbie goddess. I'd love to watch a seriously beautiful model with big fake tits and a perfect gym-bunny body totally fucking reject you. How fucking funny would that be? How hilarious would it be to watch a weakling like you approach a girl so far out of your league and ask her out on a date. Your trembling voice awkwardly stammering your words, telling her how beautiful she is and that you'd like to take her out on a 'hot date'. I'd love to see her face - how grossed out she'd be - the look of disgust for you before she rejects you. Oh my god I would love to see that so much. Telling you to fuck off in front of all her hot girlfriends - you'd feel so fucking humiliated. I'm going to make you do it.

I am going to set this as a humiliation assignment just for you. I want you to look for the most unapproachable girl - the most beautiful girl, the Bimbo with the perfect hair, the bitchy-est face, the biggest fake tits, the porn-goddess body and the hottest clothes. You're going to ask HER - but wait, loser. It's no fun if there's nobody there to see your humiliating defeat is it? Wait until she's totally surrounded by all her hot popular girlfriends - wait until she's right in the middle of a conversation and that's when you can make your move loser. Walk up to her, knowing every step of the way that you're about to be rejected and that there's gonna be an audience of super-hot girls right there to enjoy it.

Have this clip playing in your ear loser - I'm gonna talk you into doing this. You're gonna know how humiliating this is going to be - you're gonna try and back out but I'm not going to let you. You're going to complete this assignment for me - you're going to ask that dream-girl out on a date because I want you to feel that surge of utter humiliation. I want you to hear her laugh right in your stupid ugly face - I want them all to laugh at you and then I want them to be so mean to you - rejecting you in the most heartless way. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to walk away with just a bratty fuck-off ringing in your ears. Maybe you'll walk away with your pants soaked with the drink she poured into your lap. One thing will be for sure though loser - you will not be walking away with her number!

Added: 23 Jul 2021
Clip Length: 14m 14s