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Blind-folded Bimbo Boi Exposed
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I told some people about you. I know I promised not to tell anyone that you're a panty-wearing sissy faggot with a tiny little excuse for a cock locked up between your legs, but it's just too good to keep to myself. It's just not right that you get to pretend that you're a normal guy to everyone else, when I know that you're really a pathetic, submissive loser. In fact, I invited some of them over to see your sissy identity for themselves. They couldn't believe what I told them I make you wear, and they thought it was absolutely hilarious! It's all people you know. Men AND women. It could be friends of yours, colleagues or even family but you won't get to see who they are. You're going to be dressed up in your sluttiest and most ridiculous sissy-bimbo outfit, you'll be tied up and restrained, kneeling on the floor with your dress lifted up and your panties pulled down, so your helpless, locked up little cock is exposed. Last but not least, you'll be blind-folded! Once you're sitting there, helpless and terrified, I will lead my guests in to see you. I'll let them take pictures of you, laugh at you, I'll even let them spit on you if they want to. And then, after what will seem like an eternity to you, they'll just leave without saying a word. From that moment on, and for the rest of your life, whenever you meet anyone, you'll have to wonder if they know. Every time someone smirks in your direction, you'll think back to that time you were outed as a pathetic sissy fairy, and worry that they're smiling because they know your most embarrassing secret.
Princess Aurora
09/06/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Blind-folded Bimbo Boi Exposed - #Feminization