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I love getting new wimps like you in the gym. You see all the muscular guys with hot girls all over them at the clubs and you imagine yourself in their place. You think that I'll build you up and turn you into a real man so all the hot girls will want you. I can do that - I can turn you into the kind of guy girls want to be seen with. I could give you muscles, but it'll never change who you really are - a pathetic submissive little wimp. It's so much more fun to totally fucking humiliate you in front of all the hot girls and real men at the gym. I'm not your personal trainer, weakling - I'm your Gyminatrix!

I'm gonna lead you into the gym on a little pink collar and leash (to match your pink yoga pants) right where all the pretty girls are working out in their hot gym-wear and I'm going to bully you. I'm going to make you work out in front of all the girls you want to impress so much - I want them all to see what a pathetic beta wimp you are. I'm gonna tease you for not being able to lift as much as me. I'll make fun of you for not being man enough to complete every exercise I set you. And when you fail - I'll put you on your knees and make you worship my perfect, muscular legs!

Losers like you need a dominant Gyminatrix like me to make sure you're working out properly and not drooling over all the pretty gym girls. You need me to tease and humiliate you every time you fail. You need me to bully and abuse you for being such a weakling. You need me to punish you for being a beta. I'm not going to help you get muscles loser - I'm going to make sure you know your status - you'll never be like the real men with big strong bodies - you'll always be a bullied wimp.

Added: 27 Apr 2020
Clip Length: 15m 50s