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Guess who's cuckysitting you tonight baby? Your ex-bully. I bumped into him at the mall while I was picking out a cute outfit for my date tonight - he's just as hot as he used to be. He's just as tall, just as fit and muscular - if I didn't already have a guy lined up for tonight, I'd definitely have asked him out. He asked what a hot girl like me was doing with a fucking weakling like you, so I told him that I get to dominate and boss you around all the time and that I get to fuck whoever I want whenever I want. Of course, he thought it was hilarious - the wimp he used to bully all those years ago is still getting bullied and emasculated by his own girlfriend. As soon as I suggested he come over to cuckysit you while I'm out on my date he jumped at the chance. So tonight, while I'm out fucking other guys, he's going to be tormenting you - just like he used to. I'm going to send him all the photos and details of what I'm up to just so he can rub your nose in it. I know he's gonna love to humiliate you and I'll get such a kick out of knowing he's making your night hell! Y'know what else he's gonna do cucky? He's going to make you suck his cock. Uh-huh - he's bi-sexual so while he's giving you every cruel detail of what your beautiful girlfriend is doing with another man, you're gonna be on your knees, with your cock locked in chastity, sucking on your bully's cock. I told him he can do whatever he likes to you and YOU, cucky, will do whatever he tells you to do. You'll call him sir, you'll mind your manners and you'll suck his cock while you wait for me to get home. I wonder who's gonna have the most fun, me, your bully or you cucky.
Natalia Mai
30/11/2018 - 11 minutes
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