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Clean Them All Up
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There’re so many hot guys out there for me cucky - I literally don't have time to date them all and you don't have the cash to fund them all. Humiliating you on date nights has been fun, it really has. Making you paint my toes, brush my hair and pick out the sexy lingerie and slutty dresses for me to wear for all the other guys I meet has turned me on so much. I love tormenting you by telling you how excited I am to bring back another real man to fuck but with so many guys wanting to fuck your hot girlfriend it's getting more and more difficult to pick which stud to meet next. So, I've decided one at a time isn't enough anymore. In fact, I've decided the best thing to do is to invite a whole bunch of guys over all at the same time. I'm gonna fuck so many Alpha studs tonight and you're going to be my perfect submissive cuckold wimp. You're going to mind your manners and watch as each guy takes their turn with your girlfriend - treating your little princess like their gang-bang slut. You'll suffer the humiliation of watching a room full of strangers pound your pretty girlfriend, hearing me moan as they fill me with cock and see me take their huge cocks in my mouth. Then, when I've made them cum - you're gonna clean them ALL up! One after another you'll take their wet, cummy cocks into your cuckold mouth and suck them dry. I want them to know they've fucked your girlfriend and thoroughly humiliated you. I'm gonna fuck so many guys and you're going to be my cuckold clean-up bitch from now on.
Danni King
19/10/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Clean Them All Up - #cuckold