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Cash Is Queen
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There's only one way a pathetic little wimp like you could ever dream of making hot girls like me happy. Do you know what it is? Yeah right - it's not your cock. The only thing that you can give me to even pretend that you exist is money, and you know that I need more of it than you could ever give me. You could spend your whole life working every second away, making every penny that you could like an enslaved worker-drone - and then hand it all over to me, and you still wouldn't get anything other than the bare minimum of my time. I can find people so much better than you - men, real men - who actually excite me and make me feel things that you could never come close to. You know that already, don't you? You know that's not your place in life - that I'll never ever EVER want you in that way, but you're still gonna hand over all of your money to me anyway. You spend all week working, grinding, doing a boring job you don't even like just to be able to make enough money for me to talk to you. How does that make you feel? How does it make you feel knowing that you're so low you have to hand over your wages to get the popular girl to talk to you? I hope it makes you feel like a fucking failure!

Let's do this properly piggy. How much have you actually made this month? And how much of it have you given to me? Whatever it is, it's not enough. I don't have time to waste on losers like you when I could be enjoying the company of men who can afford my attention. Men who would never have to grovel and give me every penny to even get me to talk to them. You're lucky that I don't just block you right here and now, you're lucky that I'm actually generous enough to give you even a hint of my time. When this is over, I expect to see another stack in my account, or else this will be the last time you ever get to hear my voice again.

And the best part is, I know you actually enjoy getting bullied and rinsed by me. I know you like feeling like you owe me every penny that you earn. Because at least you know your place - pay-piggie - you know that you would never be able to get my attention if you weren't doing everything you could to earn money for me to spend however the fuck I want. You've learned that sacrificing your savings is the only way you can get hot girls to give you the attention that you crave from us so badly. You know your place in all of this. Begging for me to even look in your direction, and handing over everything that you make to me and me alone. And even then - you know that it's not even close to enough. Go back to work, paypig, and start earning for me all over again. And maybe you'll be able to afford more than a few minutes of my time by the time you're done. Or maybe I'll just put up my prices to make sure that you never can!

Added: 10-09-2021
Clip Length: 14m 25s
Findom Humiliation Rejection

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