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OMG he completely wore me out cuckold! I don't think I've EVER been fucked like that in my whole life. You could only dream of fucking me like he does! You could only dream of having me ride your cock like I do his - making him cum over and over all night long! Does that make you jealous cucky? Another man filling your little Princess with real man cum makes cucky jealous? Well, guess what - I've got some good news for you, little load! Last night, I made my real-man wrap up when he fucked me. He didn't flood your cheating girlfriend with cum - he flooded his loads into condoms instead. Wanna know why? Well, cucky, I wanted to bring those condoms right back home with me. I wanted you to see what real-man cumloads look like. Uh-huh, I want you to jerk off as you stare at his condoms full of cum. That's what I'm gonna make you do - I'm gonna make you blow your beta-load to his Alpha loads!..

One by one I'm gonna place each of his heavy cum-loaded condoms over your stupid cuckold face. You can kneel there, looking up at your cheating princess through the slimy bags of cum I've lined up along your forehead and over your eyes and mouth. Jerk off as the evidence of another man's pleasure with your girlfriend hangs over your face. I'm gonna humiliate you with his condoms cuckold. I'm gonna put them in your mouth and make you hold them there as you jerk off for me - feeling all that cum filling his XL Magnums. I'm gonna tell you just how much fun we had making them too - how he moaned with pleasure as he filled each one of them up. How I made him moan. How I sucked his cock and made him cum. How I fucked him in all your favourite positions and made him cum. How he fucked my tits and came. You're gonna listen to the story behind each one of those condoms as you jerk off like a pathetic beta cuckold.

Don't think for a second you're gonna get away with just jerking off with my real-mans condoms resting on your face loser. Na-ah! You're getting totally Condominated and Condomiliatated with his cumloads! I'm gonna empty his bags of Alpha spunk all over your face as you stroke for me loser. I'm gonna cover your face in by man's slime! One by one, I'm gonna tip the contents over your face and down your throat. I want you to feel his mess soaking you cuckold. I want you to taste his cum - I want you to know what superior cumloads taste like. That's how you're gonna get to cum - not by fucking me to orgasm like he got to do, over and over again. You get covered in cum as you jerk off like a reject. You get to suffer the humiliation of having your hot cheating girlfriend Condominating you with her bull's cumloads - making you jerk your beta-slime into your fist with another man's cum leaking down your throat... And guess what cuckold - when we're done with these - I'm inviting him over again to fill up a new batch - just for you!

Added: 29-08-2021
Clip Length: 13m 25s
Cuckolding Cum Eating Instruction Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction

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