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Beta Beatergasms
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I hate the idea of betas like you getting to enjoy their gasms the same way real-men do. So what we're gonna do is to train you to gasm from getting beaten. Uh-huh I'm gonna be extra-tough on your little achy-balls and teach you a lesson for failing as a man. You're not gonna slime until you've really fucking hurt yourself. First of all I want you to loop a piece of rope around your balls and pull them so that they're stretched. Loop that rope over and over so your balls look like they're gonna burst - I want them looking angry and helpless - pulled as tightly as you can bear. Uncomfortable yet beta-bator? It's gonna be - because if you wanna cum you're gonna learn to do it from beating those tight, helpless balls with a big, heavy rubber cock. No touching your cock beta - you just get to thump that cock into your balls over and over until your achy balls give in and leak a beater-gasm from the relentless punishment.

It's hurting you so much isn't it, beta? It's so painful and frustrating and you want to stop and jerk off like a real man don't-cha? But you're not allowed - Na-ah beater-bator - It turns me on knowing you have to hurt yourself for me - just for the chance to cum. You think you're in so much pain already... but I don't think it hurts you enough yet - you're holding back beta... it's time to make your suffering even worse. Smash your balls for me loser - really hit them with that ball-busting cock - hit yourself so fucking hard you want to cry. Three heavy whacks to punish your balls for being so inferior. Go on loser - hit them - one - two - three. You're not doing it hard enough until you have tears welling up in your eyes. Smash them for me - because I say so - because you know you don't deserve to cum any other way. No - this is the gasm you deserve, loser - a ball-beatergasm under the cruel supervision of a sadistic Princess who revels in your pain.

You're so desperate to cum aren't you, beater-bator? You need the pain to stop. Go ahead - you have permission - you can cum whenever you fucking like, loser - except you don't get to stop beating your balls until every last drop has oozed out. Go ahead - slam that dildo into your helpless balls - cum for your bully princess. Beat your cumload out of your balls - smash them, beat them, pound them and slap them until you're ready to cum - go on loser - I want this to be the only way you can ever get to cum. Never touching your cock - just ball-beaten to a pathetic ruined orgasm with a big rubber cock. I'm going to be right here to laugh at you as the pain in your defenceless takes over and you gasm. Hear my giggles as you suffer all the way to the kind of orgasm pussy-free betas like you deserve. Mocked by a pretty brat as she manipulates you into beating your balls until you cum. So go ahead you fucking failure - what are you waiting for - cum!

Added: 27-10-2023
Clip Length: 14m 10s
Jerk Off Instruction CBT Castration Humiliation Cum Eating Instruction

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