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Promotion Party - No Cucks Allowed
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I've been saving this outfit just for you. It's so hot right? I've been saving it for the night we get to celebrate your big promotion... the one you've been working so hard for - all those late nights, the long hours, the skipped lunch-breaks and all that stress it put you through. You truly deserved to get that promotion... but you didn't. He did - your rival stole the job from right under you. How disappointing, right? I kinda guessed you'd be a failure all over again. I kinda guessed you'd disappoint me and give me another reason to be ashamed to be your girlfriend but just so you know, there's no way I'm taking this dress back and it really deserves to be seen at the promotion-party so I's still going... as HIS date... not yours! I'm going to celebrate with your rival for stealing your job and maybe even your girl too!

You're going to stay at home and take care of the chores while I join your colleagues at the party to celebrate the promotion you failed to secure with the man who stole it from you. And I'm gonna make sure your rival totally looks and feels like a winner tonight, cuckold. He's going to swagger into the party with your girlfriend all over him. His hands all over me - under this hot little dress - claiming me in front of all your work friends. Not only did he take that promotion from you - but he's taking me from you too - right in front of everyone and you're all alone at home scrubbing the dishes and tiding up the bedroom like a good little cuckold! Uh-huh - CUCKOLD - that's what you deserve to be. That's what you deserve for failing and disappointing me all the time - you deserve to be cuckolded and I'm gonna do just that to you tonight. I'm gonna cuck you with your rival so you'd better make sure that bedroom is super-tidy!

So after I've made it extra-clear to everyone at the party that I'm cheating on you with your rival. After everyone has seen me being super-flirtatious with him, making out with him, letting him touch my ass and tits whenever he likes - we're gonna leave and come home to my nice tidy house. You can congratulate him on winning the promotion and pour him a big glass of your favourite Bourbon before he takes me to our bedroom. We'll make you kneel at the edge of the bed to get a ring-side view of how a real-man fucks. Uh-huh cuckold - you're not gonna hide away - you're watching. He's earned this - he beat you in the office and now he gets to beat you in the bedroom too. I'm going to make you watch as I suck his cock and ride him like I'll never do with you ever again. You only get to watch now - because you're just a cuckold now. Accept it cuckold - he got promoted and you got demoted!

Added: 19-08-2022
Clip Length: 14m 38s
Cuckolding Rejection Humiliation

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