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Pegging You Undateable
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Beg as much as you like - but when she gets here I'm going to show her just what a faggot you really are - she's NEVER gonna date you after I'm done with you. She dates real men - not submissive ass-fucked wimps like you so when she sees you bent over with your back arched and your face buried in your tear-soaked pillow as I ruin you with my biggest strap-on cock she's going to laugh in your shame-red face! "B-b-but Princess I love her so much - please don't humiliate me in front of her" Haha - she's gonna love this so much - she's gonna thank me for showing her how pathetic that invisible nobody who has been secretly crushing on her is!

She's WAY too hot for you and I'm going to totally humiliate you in front of her so she can see for herself that you are definitely not boyfriend material. I'm gonna teach you a lesson - to stay in your lane and only dream about dating girls in your own league - not girls like her - girls that wouldn't even know or care that you even exist! How is it gonna feel being emasculated on the end of a big strap-on cock right in front of your dream-girl crush huh faggot? You're literally getting fucked over like a bitch in front of the hottest girl you know - well congratulations beta-boy you finally got her to notice you Haha!... She's NEVER gonna forget you now! Especially with all the photos she's gonna take of you with this big cock in your mouth, and buried deep into your ass!

Don't you even try to put up a fight faggot! I don't want her to see you struggling - I want her to think you're enjoying every second of this humiliation... You won't struggle at all will you, wimp?.. because you know this is EXACTLY what you deserve. Exposed as a submissive ass-toy to my strap-on. You know you don't get to date hot girls like her so the very best you can hope for is being bent over and treated like a bottom-bitch while the kinda girls you love so much make fun of you. You won't be taking anyone out on a date EVER, faggot - least of all popular girls like your crush... Fuck-no - The only dates you'll be getting from now on will be with my big strap-on cock right in front of any other girls that I think should know what sort of weakling you are!

Added: 06-02-2023
Clip Length: 13m 41s
Pegging Humiliation Rejection

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