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Fucked Outta The Friendzone
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You said you loved me, didn't you? You said you'd do ANYTHING for me? You did... You want to be more than just friends, right? That's what I thought. Sooo... I wanna test that so called 'love' of yours - let's find out just how much you want to be out of the friendzone, shall we simpy? Let's find out if you really do want to be my boyfriend - do you wanna be fucked outta the friendzone? Do you? Are you ready to take the hardest ass-fucking of your life?... because you love me, right? You love your Pegging-Princess don't you - so prove it! Bend the fuck over and get ready to take my cock - every ass-stretching inch of it! I'm gonna find out just how much you love me - by taking all of this cock - deep into your ass while I'm reminding you of what a fucking bitch I am. If you take this cock for me... and all the humiliation I spit at you maybe you could be my boyfriend.

The only way you'll ever get to date me is after being fucked outta the friendzone by all ten inches. That's what I've got for you, right here, simpy. An XL strap-on cock that's going to take every ounce of your masculinity away from you and I want to see that whole thing slide deep inside your ass while you hold back tears to tell me that you love me. That's right simpy - you'll want to cry for sure! I'm not gonna go slow and gentle on your ass? Sorry, sweetie, getting fucked outta the friendzone means a brutal, hole-stretching deep and as hard as I can go ass-fucking! That's the price you have to pay if you wanna be more than just friends with me and you're gonna do ANYTHING I say. You'll arch your back like a porno-slut, you'll chew on the pillow; you'll push your ass up into the air - whatever the fuck I say! So, bend yourself over, and brace yourself to be fucked outta the friendzone because I'm not gonna hold back on your ass. You're going to find out what a bitch I can be - and you'd better tell me how much you love me as I fill your ass up over and over again, simp.

Is it gonna hurt Princess? Haha! Yeah it's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt a LOT. Why do you think I'm so excited about doing it to you? I want to see you cry like a bitch, I want to hear you begging me to stop as you struggle to handle all those veiny inches. I want to see every bit of your body suffering as I fuck you SO fucking hard, and I want you to thank me for it. Thank me for giving you the chance to get fucked outta the friendzone, simp. This is going to be an ass-fucking you'll never forget, one that you're never going to be able to come back from. After this, you're going to be begging me to fill your ass with cock any chance that you get, willing to do anything to make sure that you get it again, and again, and again. Willing to pay for it with even more humiliation and you'll love me all the more for it - you'll love every inch I give you - and you'll tell me too - whimpering "I love you princess" into your tear-soaked pillow every time you feel that huge cock push forward into your ass!

Added: 26-04-2024
Clip Length: 17m 22s
Pegging Humiliation Rejection Feminization

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