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Threesome - Too Bad You're Locked Up Loser
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You wanna watch us? You want to watch 2 hot girls together… creep? Our hot dream-girl bodies so close to each other - our long smooth legs, out perfect asses, our big tits - all for you huh? Do you like it when we play with each other's hair? If we touch each other - what if we even fucking kissed each other huh? Would you like that loser? We could do that just for you - we could make your hot 2 girl show super-special in our cute little outfits. Our short skirts, out heels - our tight little tops. Aw - that would be so hot right loser? That would make any guy hard - girls like us teasing you with our gym-toned bodies. Uh-huh! That's what you want isn't it loser - that's what you want so fucking badly... It's just too fucking bad you're all caged up isn't it creep?

It's too bad for you loser - it's too bad all the fun of seeing us together is gonna be ruined. It's too bad you don't get to jerk off as we tease the fuck outta you! It's too bad you can't get hard for us. We feel so fucking sorry for you! If only you could enjoy this looser - We know how hot we are - how perfect we look together. We know you'd do anything for the chance to stroke your cock while we tease you, jerk off while we make out, wank for us as we give you the 2 girl show you've been having icky dreams over all your pathetic life... but it's never ever gonna happen - not for you loser. This is for real men only - not creeps like you with their cocks locked in chastity cages! No loser - you get to watch and suffer - goon and drool and leak with frustration - but you won't be jerking off to us - never ever!

If you were a real man - you'd be right here with us - getting the hottest 3sum of your life. But instead you're getting tormented and humiliated by us. We're not teasing you for your fun - we're teasing you for OUR fun. We know it hurts your scrunched up little cock every time my hand runs up her leg. We know it's agony for you every time we make girly moaning noises together. We know how painful it must be every time you see her tits rub against mine. It's so frustrating to be teased and denied over and over as we laugh at you, loser. 2 dream-girls giggling at you every time you feel the pinch of that chastity cage keeping you in check. Watching us playing with the key that keeps you safely pussy-free inside you little cock-prison. Getting zero fucking mercy from us as we tease you more and more - the more it hurts you the more we enjoy it loser... and it's not gonna stop until we say so!

Added: 12-03-2023
Clip Length: 13m 50s
Chastity Tease And Denial Rejection Humiliation

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