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Introduced As My Cuck
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There's only one thing I hate more than wasting an opportunity to humiliate you - and that's when I miss an opportunity to cuck you too. The thought that I might miss out on an awesome night of sex with a real man I've just met to spare you the humiliation of him knowing you're not my boyfriend or my husband - you're my cuckold - is something I'm not prepared to accept... which is why I've decided that you will always be introduced as my cuckold from now. Maybe I'll introduce you as my cuckold or I'll make you introduce yourself as my cuckold - but either way I'll make sure they understand your place in our relationship. Obviously I'll make the whole experience as humiliating for you as possible - that's just the kinda bitch I am after all.

I'll make it so humiliating for you - whether we're among strangers at a hotel bar on vacation, or with your closest friends at a house party - I'll make sure you're introduced as my cuckold so that everyone knows where they stand. Letting every guy in the room know that your little princess is totally fucking available. Not just the guys either, cuckold, I want all the girls we meet to know too. I like the thought that everyone knows you're too pathetic to fuck ne - that I get to cheat on you and that you can't do a thing about it. I want everyone laughing at you - at least behind your back if not to your face. Can you imagine, cuckold? Everyone we know - everyone we meet - they all know that I fuck other guys - I fuck everyone except you. You'll be a total laughingstock.

Who would be the last person on Earth you'd want to find out you're a cuckold huh? I want to know because that's who we're gonna introduce you to next. A bully - one of your co-workers - one of my ex's? Who would you hate me to tell that you're just a pathetic fucking cuck? The guy that hits on me at the gym?.. Yeah I think I'm going to tell him - I'm going to drag you to the gym and you can watch me flirt with him - you can watch me telling him how amazing he looks and how awesome his muscles are and then when he sees you spying on us I'll call you over. Come and say hi, cuckold. Introduce yourself! OMG I know it's gonna hurt me - laughing at you so much as you tell that Alpha gym guy that you're just my pathetic cuckold... but not as much as it's gonna hurt you when you're watching his big bully cock sliding between my pretty lips from the end of our bed, cuckold.

Added: 09-04-2023
Clip Length: 14m 21s
Cuckolding Public Humiliation Humiliation

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