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Clink The Sink Chastity-boi
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So let's not pretend, huh? I already know what kinda loser you are. By visiting this website and reading the clip description you've already confirmed yourself as the kind of beta-weakling that like the idea of girls keeping you snapped inside a scrunchy little chastity device. At CruelGirlfriend.com, we take a great deal of amusement and enjoyment in providing you rejects with a reality check - making you face-up to what you are instead of allowing you to hide behind your screen and hump your mattress to humili-porn like the pathetic wimp you are... and this time you're getting the opportunity to actively take part in your own humiliating self destruction. I'm gonna guide you along the path of self-shame, showing you EXACTLY how much of a fucking loser you have become. All you're gonna need is a mirror and a chastity cage.

Haha! Of course you have a chastity cage already. I knew it! Haha! All pathetic betas like you own one - self-locking little pink cages on your failure-cocks and wearing them while you drool over loser-porn. Rejects that sign-up to our website, purchase our clips, jerk off to our social media, trying to fill their icky cages with futile attempts to get hard. Ew! Yeah - you're exactly the kind of failure that owns a chastity device. Go stand in front of your bathroom mirror, cageboi and place whatever device you're playing this clip with just beside it on the sink - I want you to listen to me berating you, degrading you, humiliating you for being the pathetic loser that you are as you stare at your own reflection. Look into your own eyes while you listen to what I have to say to you chastity-boi!

I'm gonna tell you what I... not just me but ALL beautiful woman out there, really think of you. Hear me tell you what girls see when we look at a reject with his cock in a little pink cage. No touching, loser - hands behind you back. You can bump your locked up cock into the sink every so often - let your cage clatter into the edge of the basin creating an oh-so humbling clinking sound, reminding you how low you have allowed yourself to... well 'sink' haha! Clink Clink Clink. Rattle Rattle Rattle. How fucking pathetic! Don't you agree cage-boi? Pathetic as a boy can be - look at yourself - self-locked in chastity - taking all my insults as you clink the sink - keep going - you're gonna clink the sink until you cum with my belittling reality check ringing in chime in your ears, loser. Clink Clink Clink! Hahaha!

Added: 17-09-2023
Clip Length: 16m 10s
Chastity Humiliation

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