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Girl-Coded Into Being Pussy-Free
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So just to let you know fucktard - girls use our secret girl-code against wimps like you - girl-code rules hotties like me exploit in order to maintain our superiority over the weakest members of your sex. A code that lets all the other girls know that you're a simp - uh-huh - a SIMP! A findom-failure that pay's the fuck up without even getting to first-base. It singles you out to other girls that you're a shopping-spree-piggie - that you wear a chastity-cage - that you like getting bossed around and USED! We use girl-code as a weapon against you failures - to make sure you stay pussy-free and that you NEVER get released from the friend-zone by any of us. We've kept you trapped - a simping virgin for us in cock-locked in the tease-and-denial-zone - snapped away in a boner-confining chastity device we tricked you into wearing to make sure it'll never make another girl 'Ew' at it in utter disgust.

Once you've been singled out by our girl-code, you're FUCKED, virgin-boi. We'll be total tease Princesses - making your forgotten pee-pee twitch in the cage we suckered you into. We'll prance around in our bikinis right in front of you knowing you can't even get a boner - let alone try to fuck one of us. We'll flirt with you, dangle our shoes and twizzle our hair and say cute things to make you do our chores or take us shopping... but you're just being fucked-over you friend-zoned idiot. We're never gonna date you or fuck you, virgin-boi. After you've scrubbed my bathroom, dropped my boyfriends used condoms into the trash and hand-washed my gym-pantied and all the boring chores I'm way to pretty to do... after you've taken me shopping and maxed out your credit-cards on new shoes and bags for me... and you've built up the courage to ask me out on a date... I'll giggle and tell you I like you being my friend instead.

Ouchy, huh? Friendzoned! but don't be sad virgin-boi... just because I put you in your place - there's lots of other girls waiting for a simp just like you... in fact I know the perfect tease Princess to hook you up with... my hot-as-fuck girlfriend Amy... or Jenna... or Heidi. So many girls who will treat you just like I did. You see, once you've been added to the Girl-code's list you'll get bumped from one manipulatrix to another. We'll keep setting you up with girls who will already know exactly how to manipulate, use and rinse the fuck out of you. You'll find yourself in another girl's bedroom as she's changing into her bikini, twizzling her hair and flirting with you and getting you to do whatever she wants. Groundhog Day, simp - you're heading for yet another friend-zoned rejection - another girl keeping you pussy-free - another girl exploiting you and rinsing you and leaving you blueballed and denied...

Added: 27-08-2023
Clip Length: 14m 37s
Chastity Humiliation Rejection Findom

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