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Cum In A Cup And Eat It All Up
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You like making hot girls laugh at you, right? I mean you want us to be happy - you want to be useful to us? So you'll eat your cum for us because you know that's what makes us laugh? Watching you holding your little cup as you jerk out an icky cummy mess into it and then seeing you guzzle it down... that's exactly the kinda thing I wanna laugh at! That's exactly the kinda way I want you to humiliate yourself for me. I want you to cum in a cup and eat it all up - just to make me laugh!.. well not just me - my girlfriends too because obviously I'll record it and send it to them to. And the best thing is that while you're going red with embarrassment I'm going to destroy your ego with insults as you stoke your cock into that cup - jerking away your masculinity for your bratty humiliation princess to laugh at you.

This is so fucking funny - making a grown man emascu-bate himself for my amusement - is this what turns you on you little weakling? Jerking off while I belittle you - while I make fun of you and strip you of any respect? Do you enjoy kneeling at a girl's feet knowing she's going to watch your rub a load out, that she's going to see it fill up that cup and that she's going to make you eat it all up? Do you actually enjoy being bullied and humiliated by girls while you jerk off? You are so fucking pathetic - soaking up my insults as you stroke your cock - how fucking Ewwy! You don't get to cum like a real man - you don't deserve to fuck girls like me - you'll never get to feel my mouth around your cock. You're just a loser I laugh at - a wimp who'll eat his cum just to make me giggle at him!
Does it make you wanna cum quicker when I point and laugh at you? When I put my hand over my mouth and giggle? Doe is make you wanna cum when I say things like OMG you're so disgusting?... You're so gross?... OMG look at you - so pathetic? Is that a trigger for you loser? Hot girls saying mean things as you jerk off for us? Telling you how we're gonna make you eat it for us? Does it make you want to cum when we call you a loser and laugh right in your face? Ordering you to jerk off because you'll never get a girl? It does - it makes you want to cum and I know you'll eat it all for me - you'll hold that cum-filled cup up to your lips and drink it all up when I say so - you will and you'll do it live on camera for all my friends to see - you will and then you'll hear us all laughing at you!

Added: 04-08-2023
Clip Length: 15m 08s
Cum Eating Instruction Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation

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