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Gulp Your Runt-Dick DNA
4K HD SD Photoset

I know it's humiliating for you - being made to lick up your own mess after you've jerked your little pee-pee to small-penis-humiliation clips but it's so much less humiliating than getting that pathetic little thing out in front of a real girl, right? I mean if I met a guy like you in a bar and brought you back to my room to find that was all you had in your pants - I'd totally tear you apart. I wouldn't go easy on you, or consider your feelings - I'd let you know EXACTLY what you are - a puny-sized, itty-bitty-dicked let-down! I'd totally fucking humiliate you. I'd laugh at it and I'd make fun of it. I'd take photos of it to send to my girlfriends and you know what else - I'd make you jerk it off right in front of me just so I can make you eat up your beta-DNA.

I'd make you gulp down all your runt-dick DNA - Yes I would, I'd supervise the whole emasculating, 2-finger pinch jerk-off as I tell you how no girl is ever gonna want to fuck you with that little thing. You'd be made to stand there with your shame-red face and wank as I ridicule you over and over - calling you out for having such a small cock... Not just small though, is it? Tiny! Tiny and pointless! Your cock is TINY and POINTLESS and I'll make you say it back to me as you jerk off, runt-dick! You'll want the whole world to swallow you up as I make fun of you - teasing you for being so inadequate. Letting you understand just what girls think about men like you - with oh-ho-teeny-tiny pee-wee dicks! You'll be bright red with shame, cowering with every stroke as I bully you for having a small penis until you can't take a second more and beg me for permission to cum... Ew!

Oh but the moment you want to cum is EXTRA humiliating right? That's an admission that not only do you have a small penis - but you actually get off on being bullied about it. After being insulted and ridiculed by a pretty girl for having a tiny cock - you actually want to cum... and you're ready to beg for it too! That's seriously humiliating... So go on - beg me to let your tiny failure-cock cum. Beg me to let it ooze into your own hand.. and then I'll make you eat up every drop of that unwanted, inferior DNA. Losers with small cocks shouldn't ever be allowed to share their cum - dispose of it responsibly loser - swallow it all. Eat your runt-dick DNA for the hot brat that bullied it out of you. Eat it - gulp it down and let it sit in your belly - never to pollute the world again!

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