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Remember When Gabie Made You Cum On Your Face
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Yeah I remember you - you were that nobody who had such a crush on me back in school. It was kinda pathetic - you wanted me so badly even though you must have known you didn't stand a chance with me - I only dated the hot popular guys. I don't even remember your actual name - me and the other girls just called you 'that loser', or 'that dork', or 'that wimp' or something. I remember you drooling over me all the time - a girl so totally outta your league - trying so so hard to get noticed by me... until eventually I noticed you and gave you the golden opportunity to prove you were man enough to date me. Your moment - your once in a lifetime chance to show me you qualified as dateable... I made you show me your cock - I made you take it out of your pants and show me what you had... and what you had was SO SO SMALL hahaha! It was tiny - It was pathetic - It was unfuckable and pointless!

I deserved a fucking medal for not laughing in your face at the sight of that little thing, loser. I deserve an Oscar for acting so cool about it - for dropping to my knees in front of that stiff, leaky, fun-sized boner and telling you I was gonna suck it. You had no idea I was just fucking with you - as I licked my lips and twizzled my hair as I looked up at you. Haha You should have seen your face! OMG you were SO happy! So excited your dream girl was gonna wrap her mouth around your tiny virgin dick. Do you remember what I did next, loser? I pressed myself against you and pushed you back onto the bed, I grabbed your ankles and lifted them up and aimed little failure cock at your face - and you came! You squirted your own face with cum. You were so humiliated! I was laughing at you so much and you tried to run away and everyone saw you - your face covered in cum hahaha!

And now here you are - the same Mr Nobody with the same small cock and the same crush on the girl that totally humiliated you all those years ago. And you know what - I'm gonna do the same to you today - the exact same humiliation and make you cum all over your face again - just like I did at that party. And you'll do whatever I say because you still want me after all those years. C'mon loser - lets do it again - just lie on your back like me, lift your hips into the air and jerk for me. C'mon loser - point your 2in boner straight at your face and this time you're gonna open your mouth - go on, open in EXTRA wide - I want you to stick out your tongue - go on - make that cum-target so big so you don't miss a drop. Jerk jerk jerk for Miss Gabie you fucking dork. Hips up - tongue out and say Ahhhh, loser hahaha! I'm gonna count down from 10 and you're gonna cum into your face for me...

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