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Fucking Eat It!
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You don't want to be convinced to eat your load - you want to be COMMANDED to eat it, right loser? That's what sub-niche of cum-eating shame works best for you, isn't it? You skipped all the girls that offer Cum-Eating-Humiliation clips that gently coerce you into eating your load, skipped all the clips with the half-naked girls who promise to tease you into eating cum for them - just to get to the mean, snarky, bitchy FORCED cum eating clip from me! You know how you're gonna be made to do this even before you touch that cock don't you, freak? You're going to eat your own cum for me - and there's gonna be ZERO coercion, zero tease, and zero convincing - you're going to eat it because I fucking say so!

That's what you need isn't it fucktard? You need a total bitch to talk you through your jerk-off ritual followed by the cruel, uncompromising command to gulp down your own slime. After all losers who jerk off to brutal humiliation clips DESERVE to eat their cum - I'm right aren't I? You know what else you DESERVE to get loser? You deserve to get totally verbally humiliated just for being the kind of loser who gets off to this. Good news for you loser, I'm 100% fine with telling you what girls like me think of losers who jerk off to humiliation porn - losers who jerk off to girls making them eat their own cum loads. I love to bully rejects like you into eating their own mess - I love to fuck with jerk-off cream-eaters who enjoy being ridiculed by girls.

I'll make you gulp down your disgusting mess as I laugh-out-loud at you. Haha! And I don't care if you want to back out after you see that gross icky mess wobbling in the palm of your hand - you'll fucking well eat it for me - in fact I love the thought of you having to do this when you really, REALLY don't want to. When you realise girls like me look down at losers like you - losers who get bossed into eating their own cum. You're embarrassed by girls like me being totally disgusted by you - but we really are loser. We are really truly disgusted by cum-eating wimps. You don't want us laughing about you, whispering and gossiping and giggling about you - that yicky little nerd who jerks off to humili-porn and eats his own cum - but sorry, loser... we really will! You're a cream-eating loser, and because of that, you'll gulp that palm full of filth down for me as I call you names, humiliate you and look at you with total contempt! Jerk for me loser so that when you cum - you'll eat every eughwy mouthful!

Added: 01-09-2023
Clip Length: 13m 42s
Cum Eating Instruction Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation

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