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Supervised Sissy Sample Rejected
4K HD SD Photoset

Oh... you're certainly not our usual type. To give samples I mean. Our clients pay a LOT of money for the very best DNA... and you don't look like the type of guy that can meet our standard. None of our clients want runt DNA. Look... you're here now so you might as well leave your little deposit. I've got a selection of adult entertainment on the tablet here for you to help stimulate yourself.... One moment while I just search for some 'sissy' material for you... Uh-huh - I can just tell that's the kinda thing you're into... I've been doing this for long enough to know a sissy when I see one. The little boner-tent in your trousers whilst I belittled you kinda gave you away - as did your blushing when I said I had 'sissy material'. It all tells me you're a sissy... So... here we go, a nice video of some sissy humiliation for you... CruelGirlfriend's finest sissy humili-porn and a bratty sample-supervisor for extra 'encouragement' that should be more than enough humiliation to make a beta-runt like you cream his fist to, don't-cha agree, loser? I bet a girl-intimidated virgin like you wouldn't even last five minutes!

Get jerking, wimp and I'll have the sample container ready for when you cum. Go on, stroke that runt dick with your finger and thumb while we watch CruelGirlfriend humili-porn together. Are you enjoying it, loser? Are you enjoying her mean words - her bratty, belittling, putdowns? Are you gonna cum? You are such a reject. Do you think if I gave this kinda material to a real man he'd wanna cum in less than five minutes? No, you pre-jack creamer, he wouldn't even get hard. He'd probably put me over his knee and spank me for even suggesting he watch this before leaving his Alpha-deposit splashed all over my face. Not you though, humili-jerker. You're harder than you've ever been before and you're already desperate to cream in less than five minutes. You're on the edge of cumming whilst getting bullied by me and this CruelGirlfriend clip - imagining bratty girls are dressing you up, locking you up, pimping you out and cucking you. You're such a fucking fag. Go ahead, fill this jar - make your mess for the sissy-porn. Cum, you little gay-boi, cum to humiliation you pathetic sissy bitch.

Ew! Look at it - you can literally see the inferiority of your little spermies in this sample. None of our clients will want your runt DNA. It's pathetic - I bet if you listen closely enough you can hear your spermies lisping 'Yesth Missth... No Missth!' in there! Ew! It's fucking useless to us - so, I want you to dispose of it. Go on, failure, put it to your lips, tip it up, drain it into your faggot mouth and swallow every last drop of your worthless sissy-sample. We can't have that loser DNA contaminating the gene pool. So, swallow it. All of it. Every last fucking drop you little bitch. Go on - drink it all down the back of your throat, faggot. That's it - gulp it down so that nobody gets infected with that inferiority-slime. Gulp, gulp, gulp, loser - that's it - all of it - until it's all fucking gone! Good boy... now, before you go, I have a gift for you. To make sure you're failure-DNA stays out of the gene-pool forever, I'm obliged to lock you up. Uh-hu - check the forms you signed loser - if your sample doesn't meet the standard required you get snapped away in Chasity - it's all there in black and white. Now, let's get the cage on you. I've picked you out a cute pink one. There. Locked as it should be and all scrunched up. The key? Don't be silly. Society needs protecting from inferior sissy DNA like yours...

Added: 27-05-2024
Clip Length: 15m 47s
Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Cum Eating Instruction

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