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Locked By A Lesbian
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I wouldn't be much of a keyholder if I let you out of chastity just because you say you can't take it anymore now would I? I mean - ok I didn't actually say this would be a permanent arrangement but I did say I planned on keeping your cock tightly caged away until I could think of a use for it... which I most definitely haven't. I don't really have any sympathy for losers like you - idiots who hand control of their cocks over to girls like me. I mean you wouldn't have done that if you didn't want to be locked up surely? So why the tears now? Why are you regretting becoming my chastity slave so much all of a sudden? Is it because you finally understand my philosophy on keeping boys caged away until their cocks are useful to me... which is never obviously... I'm a lesbian - cocks will NEVER be useful to me.

Look, there are literally hundreds of keyholders who would have been happy to cage you away for a fee - but you came to me. You came to me because my keyholding comes with an extra rule - that you only get unlocked when we find a use for your pathetic failure-dick. Can you name one, chastity-boi? Can you? What use is it to me?... I fucking HATE men. I hate your revolting, droolly dicks, I hate your offensive girl-pestering boners, I hate your overwhelming desire to jerk off to girls who wouldn't look twice at you, I hate that you even think about fucking us. I hate everything about your inferior fucking gender so keeping you snapped inside a chastity device is the best thing I could have done to you... and yeah - I guess we should face up to the fact that you're in there for good - you're in there for life.

So I'm a man-hating lesbian who's gonna keep you locked in permanent chastity forever and ever which means you're gonna have to cum like a girl for the rest of your life. Aw - it's not that bad, loser - I've been doing it for years - you'll get used to it. I mean it's not gonna be pleasurable like how you used to cum - it's more like a ruined orgasm - a few twitching spasms of your scrunched up cock as it leaks through the gaps of your cage. It's actually hilarious to watch - a loser, humping and grinding his cage into the furniture - his face so red with shame - whimpering and sobbing with frustration until his runt-dick finally gives up and drips out a pity-gasm. It's pathetic - I'd almost feel sorry for you if it wasn't so fucking funny. Go ahead, chastity-boi - make your lesbian keyholder laugh - hump for your 'gasm!

Added: 25-06-2023
Clip Length: 14m 33s
Chastity Sissygasms Humiliation

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