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Frugal For Findom
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I know - it's a total dump - a disgusting pigsty. I wouldn't set foot in somewhere like that but it's perfect for a loser like you. I agreed a monthly rent with your landlord of $50 per week. Can you even imagine how basic that room will be to live in piggy? A mattress, a toilet, a sink - that's pretty much all there is to it - you don't even have a window in that revolting little mould-hole... It's a world away from this glamorous apartment you get to pay for form me to enjoy... and obviously the more frugal we can be with your lifestyle - the more extravagant we can be with mine. I'm actually going to get a cruel thrill knowing how miserable your time will be in that horrible room while I'm living in luxury just a few blocks away.

A frugal lifestyle is essential if you're going to maintain a Findom Princess like me, piggy. Working every hour you can to earn as much income as possible is only half the equation. I know working 2 or 3 jobs is tough for you, cash-pig. I know balancing all that overtime is hard but there's more you can do. Like for example, do you really need food and water? Like, really, do you? Your room has a toilet you can drink from and y'know if you come to my apartment, I'll leave out some leftovers for you after me and my boyfriend have eaten every evening. And you're not gonna use any utilities - like what for anyway? You don't need anything - you're banned from using a phone or the internet - you don't NEED heating or hot water - no, piggy - think of your Princess - don't waste her money on non-essentials when there are so many things I actually need!

Like you know fashion is so important to me and I have so many clothes from last season I can't even wear - like stuff I haven't even worn but I can't now! I need you to make sacrifices for me, piggy and it just feels like you're being selfish. You need to put me first - if you get cold or hungry or exhausted - don't whine about it like I fucking care - just ask yourself if your pain means more to you than my happiness. It doesn't piggy. My happiness is your priority which is why you're going to keep paying for it... no matter what pathetic excuse for a life that leaves you with. I mean it's kinda fun to know you're suffering for me but it's not really something I care about - all I need to concern myself with is how hot I look and how extra my lifestyle is, and you'll learn to live a frugal life to keep my lifestyle as extra as I fucking want, piggy!

Added: 21-08-2023
Clip Length: 16m 00s
Findom Humiliation

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