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Suckers Like You Get Scammed By Girls
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Girls get whatever we want from a sucker like you - by scamming you. You're too busy drooling over what you'll never get. Mesmerized by our dream-girl bodies and pretty faces. Gooning over our beauty, our perfect asses, out tits - getting totally suckered in by our manipulative words. Losers like you make perfect gullible scam victims. You'll give me whatever I want - you'll pay whatever I say and all you'll ever get is my hair flicked in your stupid face, a giggle and a 'good boy' as your reward. You won't ever be the man that takes me out on a date. You won't ever be the guy who gets to show me off. You won't ever be the guy that feels my lips on ANY part of his body - you're just that beta sucker who gets scammed and ghosted.

Look how pretty I look in my cute outfits. Every inch of me toned to perfection to drain your wallet dry. Every cell of my body - just to extort more money from you. You can't resist - you can't say no to what I want - because you're a sucker - you're too weak, too submissive and way too pathetic to say 'no' to a girl as hot as me - aren't you, sucker? I'll tell you to buy me a cute designer bag or some pretty shoes and you'll blow your whole paycheck on them for me. I'll tell you how much it would make me happy if you bought them for me - how grateful I'd be, how I'd love you SO much if you spent all that money on me... but I'm just scamming you, sucker. You know a girl like me would never be interested in someone like you but you can't help yourself - you'll give me what I want because suckers like you are so desperate to impress hot girls like me. Go on sucker - impress the pretty girl you'll NEVER get - the toxic brat who's scamming you.

So now that I've told you that I think you're a sucker who doesn't deserve a girl like me - a loser to be rinsed and scammed- do you still want my expensive attention? Huh? Of course you do - because being manipulated by hot girls like me is what gets you off now. Getting scammed out of your money by greedy findom princesses makes you hard - you jerk to the idea of us stealing the money from your wallet - making you spend and getting nothing in return. You cum to girls pretending to be nice to you - pretending to flirt, pretending to tease you - and then as soon as the cash is in our accounts - we go right back to being mean to you. Calling you a sucker, humiliating you, insulting you and rejecting you. That's what makes you cum now loser - you know we're scamming you and that's what makes you cream your fist! That's what makes you such a fucking sucker - and that's why you deserve to be scammed and fucked over by girls like me!

Added: 19-12-2022
Clip Length: 14m 03s
Findom Humiliation Brat Girls Rejection

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