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Corner Time
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Your time means absolutely nothing to me loser!! Whilst I spend my time doing exactly whatever I want and whenever I want, living my best life of luxury and most importantly funded by you... you sacrifice all social life and live a meagre, humble existence. From now on, unless you are slaving away at your dead-end job, earning money for my luxurious lifestyle, instead of jerking off to humiliporn in front of your screen, I want you wasting your free time doing corner time. Uh-huh - you'll stand in the corner of your room facing the wall like a naughty boy for as long as I desire, thinking about how pathetic you are and how much your Goddess enjoys wasting your worthless time by making you stand facing a wall for me. You will place your laptop with the webcam facing the corner of your room, follow the link on the screen in your browser... and then all the fun of staring at the wall begins, loser.

You'll have absolutely no idea what length of corner time I've set for you. You'll literally be stuck in the corner, unable to move until you've completed this drudgingly boring punishment. You'll have 10 seconds to get into place and then you'll have to stand fucking still until corner time is over. The software detects motion so additional punishment time will be added for excessive movement - so the more you squirm and fidget, the more time will be added and the more of your worthless time will be soaked up in the corner! Are you really gonna risk turning around to check how much time is left when the additional punishment time could add an additional 1 hour or even more? To make this even more humiliating for you - I might make you complete your corner time in one of your sissy-maid uniforms - teetering on a pair of platform heels. Can you imagine how difficult it is gonna be for you to stand perfectly still for an indeterminate length of time, let alone if you have to do so balancing on top of a pair of platform heels too... or maybe holding a coin to the wall using only your nose? Your legs are gonna shake with pain, and you'll probably ache for days afterwards, but you're so pathetic you'll be begging for me to give you even more corner time... which you'll be getting - don't-cha worry!

You'll never know whether I can even be bothered to review your report or not, it is completely meaningless to me how you've wasted ALL that precious time in your life purely out of spite. Of course, I might review it though, and decide you didn't complete the task to my satisfaction and maybe fine you, just to take more of your money or set you an even harder or longer corner time punishment, because you didn't do the first one correctly. That's what makes it so much fun for me, I can either use it as a punishment or just to make you waste hours of your life standing motionless in the corner, just because I feel like it - either way, I'm gonna enjoy your pointless suffering so much. You'll face that wall and let the hours slowly tick away knowing a heartless young brat made you do it - a brat who is is enjoying her time so much - enjoying your money - enjoying her freedom - all things you no longer have - all things you lost because I took them from you - I'm stamping on your precious time - loser - taking it from you forever - time you could have spent on pleasure, fun, relaxing - all taken from you by a heartless brat. Now get in your fucking corner loser.

Added: 22-04-2024
Clip Length: 15m 59s
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