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Bullied Into Being A Girl
HD SD Photoset

Kimber is back and this time she plans to use an army of AI brats to totally feminize you...

Listen up, y'little pansy. Me and my squad of AI mean-girls are gonna transform you into a full-fledged, panty-wearing sissy-girl. Uh-huh -you couldn't cut it as a man, so we're upping your game to the next level - ultra-femininity! We'll deck you out in the most darling outfits, make you strut your stuff, and oh, the laughter while you blush? That's gonna be Priceless Princess!

Next up, a visit to our beauty salon. Waxing you smooth, making you all soft and girly, just like us. Then it's time for some serious dress-up - ruffled pink panties, bras, stockings - the works.You're gonna adorn ribbons, bows, and we're gonna give you the whole princess treatment - nails, makeup, lashes, and beautiful blonde hair. All for our amusement.

Lastly, the pièce de résistance - you modeling for us in a cheerleader uniform or a maid's outfit or maybe dancing for us in your stripper heels and flimsy skirt. We'll have a blast, taking photos,giggling, calling you out, and oh, the embarrassment you'll feel? Sooo delicious! You messed up being a man, so it's time for a new look, panty-girl - we're going full femme. Prepare for high heels, dainty lingerie, and girly pigtails. Every mincing step you take will have us rolling in laughter. It's party time, sissy!

Added: 14-07-2023
Clip Length: 10m 17s
Feminization Humiliation Blackmail

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