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Maid By A Manipulatrix
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You're such an idiot. You are - I've always thought so and this has just proven it to me. Your phone, right? Who'd have ever guessed you'd choose such an obvious PIN number - it's almost as if you wanted to get caught... Yuh - I said 'caught' - because guess what I found in your so called 'secure folder'... Wanna tell me or shall I tell you, step-daddy? Do you want me to detail all the pansy-porn humili-fetishes you seem to enjoy jerking off to? Forced Feminization? Petticoat Punishment? Sissy Humiliation?... and so so many sub-categories on that kinda theme... y'know the whole SISSIFICATION theme. Haha! Yeah no wonder you tried so hard to hide all that - unsuccessfully I might add - it's seriously embarrassing stuff step-daddy. Seriously embarrassing - but oh-so seriously valuable to a bratty manipulatrix like me. If you think you're getting away with this unscathed you can think again - I'm SO using this to my advantage you little sissy!

You got yourself into this mess, idiot, so you can totally blame yourself for everything that happens next... Starting with this... Your new uniform for whenever you and I are alone together. Humiliating, right?... That's the point - it's supposed to be humiliating. A humiliating French-maid uniform - with extra ruffles, a little satin apron and cute ribbons. So girly and EXACTLY like the ones those pathetic pansies were wearing in all that humili-porn I found on your phone. You can pretend this is too embarrassing and too cruel as much as you like - but I know the truth about you - and I know that you secretly want this... at least you 'THINK' you want this. You're gonna get bullied and bossed around and made to feel like a total fool by me while you're dressed up like a maid. You're gonna do all the chores I'm supposed to do as well as tidying up my room, handwashing my gym-socks, cleaning my shoes and playing the ditzy air-headed molly-maid... or-fucking-else, sissy!

Whenever I snap my fingers you're gonna pinch the tips of your pretty dress, perform a pretty curtsey for me and lisp a pathetic, feminine "Yeth Mith"... you got that Molly-Maid? Snap - show me - snap, snap! Haha There you go - how ridiculous! And then, after your curtsey, you'll bow your head and look at the floor and wait for my command. Let's try an easy one... Pick up all my boyfriends used condoms, sissy... haha... Look they're all over the floor - pick them up. Kneel down on the floor and find my boyfriends cummy condoms and pick them up - no no no, sissy - not with your hands... with your teeth of course. You heard me - pick them all up with your teeth! Haha so humiliating huh? But nowhere near as humiliating as being exposed to everyone you love for being a fucking sissy. So get used to it - get used to doing all these emasculating tasks around here in your silly girly uniform because as soon as you say "No Mith" to me - I'm gonna tell everyone just what a sissy you are...

Added: 07-06-2024
Clip Length: 16m 09s
Feminization Humiliation

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