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Sissy-Spanked For Social Media
4K HD SD Photoset

You're so fucked now idiot!. We're gonna humiliate you so bad - you do know that, right? Now we have something so fucking incriminating to use against you - we're gonna blackmail you into doing the most embarrassing stuff - seriously how could you be so stupid, huh?. Yeah, you're totally screwed now dumb-dumb! Taylor is a real bitch y'know... and Brook... and well I'm kind of a bitch too to be honest - and just so you know - we have every intention of making you the laughingstock of the whole internet! Oh my - it's SO funny! Haha! I'm sorry to laugh but seriously... how could you have been so stupid to let this happen to you? I mean, why wouldn't we take full advantage? We have you on video literally agreeing to do whatever we tell you to do in exchange for keeping our 'evidence' against you secret... ANYTHING to keep your job... and you're gonna do it to help our socials go totally fucking viral!

You're going to be internet-famous, dumb-dumb. Famous for being sissy-spanked! Famous for being forcibly feminized, shaved smooth, powdered, primed and painted and topped off with a pretty blonde wig. Famous for being pantied and stockinged and fitted into a pretty bralette. Famous for being zipped into a frilly maid's uniform with apron and cap. Famous for being locked into heels and made to wobble 7inches tall. Uh-huh - you're getting turned into a frilly French maid and we're gonna film it all you little sissy. We're gonna film it and pump it out on all our social media channels - literally tens of thousands of people watching you getting bullied into satin and lace by girls - hot girls! Dressed up - girly item by girly item until you've been totally feminized - your face glowing red with shame as we boss you around for our subscribers. Fetching drinks, serving, curtseying and lisping pretty Yesth Misth's as we point our cameras at you.

Cute don't-cha think sissy? Such a cute way to be exposed all over social media... but that's not even the best bit either. No dumb-dumb... The main event is your humiliating sissy-spanking. Oh my god this is going to be hilarious! So once we have you all maided-up and we've plastered your face in make-up and we've had our fun filming you doing chores and stuff - we're gonna find something to punish you for... some minor infraction or failure to call you out on and then we're going to punish you for it. I dunno - maybe your apron isn't straight, or your curtsey wasn't deep enough... something that deserves a severe over-the-knee SPANKING! And then over you'll go, sissy. You'll hold the hem of your ruffled petticoat and bend over my lap like the silly missy-maid you are, and you'll take the spanking of your fucking life, sissy! You will - and we're gonna livestream it too. Whap-whap-whap on your pantied bottom until tears are rolling down your cheeks. Taking the spanking that's gonna make you fucking famous!

Added: 29-03-2024
Clip Length: 14m 35s
Feminization Humiliation

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