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Cute Love-Letter Simp - Read It While He Fucks Me
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Awww! Are you blushing? Are you embarrassed I found out it was you that sent it? I guess it is kinda silly - a grown man sending a girl a love-letter... but, I mean, if you ignore how pathetic it is... If you ignore how totally fucking SIMPY it is... it's kinda cute too. Your words were from the heart - I can see that. It must have taken a lot to write all that to me... How you've loved me for so long - how you've worshipped me, how beautiful I am, how you feel we're soul-mates. I mean - I didn't read it all obviously, but that was the general tone. You wrote me a love-letter! Ew! What did you think was gonna happen next, simpy? Did you think I would tell you that I felt the same way about you? Seriously? That's what you thought would happen. Heartbroken emoji! No, loser - I don't wanna be your girlfriend, or your soulmate or even go out on a date with you. I have a boyfriend remember... and I told him all about the love-letter you sent me.

I think you should read that love-letter to me - right in front of my boyfriend, simp. Maybe that will teach you a lesson, huh? And if reading out every embarrassing word of your pathetic love-letter to me isn't humiliating enough - maybe you should do it in panties too. Yeah - panties, stockings and a bra - you can read your love-letter to me while you blush with shame in girly lingerie - and I want my boyfriend right there to see you doing it, 'soul-mate'! I want him to hear you stuttering out how much you love his girlfriend - how you think we're meant to be together - how you'd do anything for the chance to show me how much I mean to you. That's gonna be SO fucking humiliating for you, simp... but not nearly humiliating enough. No... I think you deserve WAY MORE humiliation than that.... and I think it would be even more humiliating for you - if I made you read your love-letter to me, while my boyfriend fucks me.

You're gonna kneel at the end of my boyfriend's bed in your frilly, girly panties and matching bra with that stupid love-struck look on your face as you stare into my eyes and you're gonna read your love-letter to me... Every word, simp. You're going to read it... ''To Monika, my love, my soulmate...'', as I suck on my ream-man's, big, hard cock. ''I have loved you since the moment we first met...'' as I drop to my hands and knees and let my boyfriend grip my hair before pushing back on his thick dick. This is going to destroy you, simp - my girly sex-noises and cute moans of pleasure interrupting your boring love-letter recital. My laughter as you declare your love to me as my boyfriend pounds his cock into me. This is the lesson you need, simp. Read it while he fucks me you loser - read your love letter as my boyfriend fills me with his cum you pathetic simp!

Added: 24-11-2023
Clip Length: 17m 23s
Rejection Cuckolding Humiliation

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