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Of Course You're Gonna Suck Him
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Ummmm... of course you're going to suck it! Like, what did you think all the gay-training was for, huh? I've had your mouth and ass on the end of one of my rubber cocks, silicone plugs or steel hooks for months now - what's the big deal with taking a real one for me? You've been practicing to be gay, sucking my strap-ons, training your gag reflex, and learning your way around a cock. I've taught you how to pleasure it, how to lick the shaft, how to tease the balls and work the head with your tongue. You're a fully trained cock-sucker now, faggot, so it's about time you put all that training into practice! It's time to go gay for real and I have a guy waiting for your mouth already - he's just in the next room - right over there - and when you're done begging and pleading me not to make you do this - he's going to test out all your cock-pleasing tricks. You're going to make an actual man cum in your mouth today gay-boi!

After I send you into that room, you're going to kneel before him and you're going to suck his cock. Of course you are. You're going to open your mouth wide, tilt your head back, and you're going to let him push his dick all the way into your throat. You're going to lick and suck and drool and totally fucking worship that cock - just like I taught you to do. You're going to look up at him as he takes your cock-sucking virginity, gay-boi. I want you to look your superior in the eye as you serve his superior cock with your mouth. Your going to beg him fill your mouth with cum, you're going to beg him to be his cock-slave - his obedient, submissive, beta cock-sucking slut. You're going to take both his balls into your mouth and gently suck them - using your tongue to give him the pleasure he deserves. Remember what I taught you, faggot - it's his pleasure that counts - not yours. Your place is sucking - licking - to worshipping. He gets to cum - you don't - you'll stay right down on the floor, kneeling like a good cock-bitch until your mouth is flooded with his real-man spunk.

His buddies are going to be next, cock-sucker. That's right - this cock will only be the first of many to come! You have a lifetime of real-man cocks to look forward to. Forget all about girls - that's all over for you now - you have a new sexlife - as a submissive cock-worshipping faggot. After you've made the first cock cum - I'm not going to waste any time moving you on to all his buddies - and then their buddies and them more and more and MORE! There's gonna be a never-ending parade of cocks for you to make cum and they're not all gonna want to use your mouth either gay-boi. Nah-ah, that's why I've been training all your holes - so you're gonna be just fine taking real cocks in all your holes! You'll be bent over on your hands and knees and used in all your holes - splattered with cum and pumped full of slime. Men are going to treat you like a fucking cum receptacle - and you'd better make sure you show them all that training wasn't for nothing if you know what's good for you!

Added: 01-10-2023
Clip Length: 17m 13s
Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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