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The No-Backing-Out CEI Position
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Ew, look!... A cum-eater! Yick! Yeah - I'm talking to you - the idiot who's gonna get spunk-breath today?.. because you're gonna be eating your own cum for me. I mean, seriously, you watch so many bratty mean-girls bullying you into gulping down your own loads I'm surprised you don't love the taste by now, huh? Don't you love getting your mouth loaded up with cum? Don't you love being told to do it and how to do it - having a pretty girl like me instructing you? Don't you love being so pathetic? Don't you love being made to feel so disgusted with yourself?... being made to feel less of a man? Haha! I love that it makes you feel so fucking defeated - I literally have no idea how you can look at yourself in the mirror after you've been made to swallow down your own jizz you fucking failure. How the fuck do you live with yourself after eating you own cum just because a girl tells you to?

The thing is, you HAVE to eat it for me. You have to do what I say. I want you eating your cum - and you will. You're going to be the best little cum-guzzler for your Princess, right? Let me hear you agree. Tell me how desperate you are to please me - to eat your own cum just to please ME. The thing is, I know exactly what happens to you cum-eating rejects when you're expected to swallow your load for me. A brief moment of self-reflection spoils the plan mid-gasm and you wimp out. You look at that gross pool of cum wobbling in the palm of your hand and you forget all your promises to lick it up... Which is why I've gotta put you in a position that takes that call away from you. A position that forces you to squirt your own load straight into the back of your mouth... The loser position - the can't change your mind position - the stuck with a mouth full of your own spunk position! So, that's what we're going do, okay? You're gonna swing your legs over your head and assume the back-out-proof position. Do it cum-breath - get into the loser position for Princess.

Now you can't change your mind - now you're gonna face the consequences as soon as you cum. You're gonna have no choice but to swallow it all down... go ahead, loser - start jerking into your face for me. Do it - prove to me how much you're willing to humiliate yourself for me - prove how far you'll debase yourself for a pretty girl. I'm just so fucking cute, right?... And you love me so much... and that's why you'll humble yourself for me like this. You'll do anything to prove that you love me no matter how gross it is. It's so easy for me to manipulate you when I look this good, y'know? Keep stroking, cum-eater... Keep stroking until I give you permission to slime into your own mouth for me... I want you to come into your face. You got that? I want you to be a cum-dump for me. And when you shoot your load into your mouth you're gonna hold it on your tongue until I tell you to swallow. Okay? Tell me you understand you fucking cum-junkie and I'll count you down from 10...

Added: 11-12-2023
Clip Length: 17m 55s
Cum Eating Instruction Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation

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