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Convince The Boys You're A Girl
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Trust me, sissy, this is all completely necessary - they booked a girl for this party - not a sissy! It's just such a busy weekend and I'm all out of real girls to send them and I didn't wanna let them down - they're kinda regulars, y'know - so I'm sending you instead... Don't worry - they know the situation - they're getting a huge discount for getting a sissy, but they were very clear that you need to convince them you're as good as a true girl. That's why I'm being so particular about getting you ready. It's important for you to be as smooth as a real girl - not a single hair on your body, sissy. That's why you needed a full-body wax. And then your tits - I'm sorry but they needed to be glued to your chest like that - it was the only way - that medical-grade glue will keep those silicone forms in place no matter how hard those guys grab and pull at them. We need you to look as girly as possible before we get you dressed up because who knows what will happen to your clothes after a few hours in that 'party' So of course it was all necessary, sissy.

The corset has to be that tight, sissy, stop complaining! It had to be laced in so much to give you that feminine hour-glass figure. Look how tiny your waist is now - look how it pushes you breast-forms up - look how it shows off your girlish bottom. I know it's difficult to breath but it really has to be extra-tight... just like the chastity cage - the boys don't want your pretty silhouette ruined with a bulge between your legs do they?.. that's why we had to hide it away in the smallest, inverted, chastity device. And doesn't that look just perfect under your panties, huh sissy? It's difficult to believe you have anything under them at all, right? Those dainty panties look so cute on your feminine curves now sissy - so do the stockings and that little lace choker that hides your Adam's apple. If you're stripped down to your lingerie you'll look as convincing a girl as some of my real girls, sissy. The pretty, blonde wig I chose for you rolls down to the middle of your back so beautifully, the high heel boots I chose for you pushes you up onto your toes and lifts your bottom. The dress I chose is cute and flirty and shows off your new girly body perfectly... I'd believe you were a girl sissy - really, I would!

As truly girly as you look, sissy, as feminine as your mannerisms are and as pretty as your makeup is - convincing those boys you're a girl is all gonna come down to how well you suck their cocks. Sissy - you're gonna have to show those guys you're a much better cock-sucker than any of the real-girls I have on my team. As I said - these boys are regulars - and from what my girls have said, they can be quite demanding. You'll be expected to suck cock for the entire 3 hour booking - longer if they choose to extend it. Your face will be fucked, your mouth will be stretched wide open as they take in turns using your throat. It'll be humiliating, sissy - that's their 'thing' y'know - they enjoy seeing you submit - training you to worship their dicks, lick their balls - take 2 cocks in your mouth at a time. They'll make you beg - they'll slap you - they'll treat you like a whore... which obviously is exactly what you are for them... They'll drench you in cum - put a collar and leash around your neck and drag you around - pulling your hair as they have their fun with your cock-sucking mouth... and you'll do everything they say sissy because you have one purpose tonight - and that's to convince the boys you're a girl!

Added: 25-03-2024
Clip Length: 16m 55s
Feminization Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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