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Prison For Your Pimptress
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I guess it's time to explain why this is all happening to you. It must be terrible knowing you'll be going to prison for something you didn't actually do... but it's all for me, loser - and that must make it SO worthwhile, right? You've been such a loyal little simp to me over the years, serving me, funding my lifestyle and making so many sacrifices for me - but to be honest I was beginning to find your constant admiration kinda boring, y'know? I'm perfect - I get it... I'm so beautiful - I know... All the drooling over me and worshiping and blah-blah-blah... It's boring now. The thing is, I've already trashed your savings, maxed out your credit and ruined your finances to such an extent that you literally have nothing left to pay me. So what was I to do with you? Discard you like the garbage you are?... Or find another way for you to have some value to me without the burden of having to endure you being anywhere near me... so guess who told the police it was you who stole my expensive jewellery? Uh-huh - I told them - I'm the reason you're going to prison loser!

But why, Princess? Why would you lie to the police about me? Haha! Let me explain... A weak little simp like you can earn a lot of money for a girl like me in a place like that. Uh-huh - You really can - I can pimp you out to the worst kinda guys and make a sizeable profit out of you. I have one or two 'connections' on the inside who will make sure you're being a good 'lil prison bitch and working the wing for me every day. I'll make sure to visit you once a week with a care parcel of makeup and girly outfits and cheap perfume - to give you the flimsiest illusion of femininity - just enough to allow the men that use you to tell themselves it's not gay to put you on the end of their cocks... although that pretence will not extend to you, my little jail-house pansy... There will be no doubt at all that what you'll be doing is very VERY gay... and all for my financial gain. Uh-huh - whereas your real-man cellmates will be doing what they have to do to get through their sentence... you will be suffering the hardest time in prison - sucking cocks and getting fucked every day - pimped out to the other inmates so that I can enjoy my life on the outside.

This is the life you have to look forward to now, simp. For the next 10 years - you're going to be passed around the block. Traded for contraband - made to suck gangster cocks as you think of me selling your house and your car. You can think of me shopping with the money you've earned me while heavy ball sacks slap against your chin for the Nth time that day. And there'd better not be any sissy-tantrums from you either because my connections have been instructed to keep you in line however they see fit... I know you're not gonna want to feel their most brutal snooker-ball-in-the-sock prison beat downs... I know you don't wanna be submitting to apology blowjobs to these brutes instead of earning me the money I deserve. No sissy - you'll do as you're told - you'll whore your holes out to the prisoners and the guards, and you'll keep that money coming through to me so that I can enjoy the amazing life I deserve on the outside.

Added: 29-04-2024
Clip Length: 15m 24s
Bi Humiliation Feminization Findom Humiliation

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