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Unfuckable Tax
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Nobody will ever wanna fuck you, paypiggy. No girl will ever. You're fucking ugly - you're fucking boring - you're a fucking wimp. Girls take one look at you and judge you as unfuckable... Yeah - you are UNFUCKABLE. You can say it back - go ahead - say it back ''I am unfuckable'' ... you actually are, loser. You're an unfuckable paypig. Did you get that second part? PAYPIG? Besides being ugly, boring and wimpy - you're also a paypig... and paypigs have to hand their money over to hot girls. You have to pay an Unfuckable Tax to hot girls. It's true - any girl that judges you as unfuckable is entitled to your money. Consider it their compensation for having to breath the same air as you - consider it their reward for rejecting you - consider it your tax for being the ugly, unfuckable failure you actually are. You don't deserve to fuck any girls - all you deserve is to lose all your money to the girls you wish you could fuck... and that, loser - is your unfuckable tax.

You owe every girl you've ever wanted to fuck, loser - you owe them all an Unfuckable Tax and that includes me - you owe me, piggie. You wish you could fuck me don't-cha? You wish you could - look how hot I am. My big tits, my perfect ass, my hot body - look at how fuckable I am, huh? My pretty face, my beautiful hair... I am SO fuckable. You wish so badly you were man enough for a girl like me don't-cha, piggy. You wish girls like me would wanna fuck you - suck your cock, lick your balls and make you cum. In your fucking dreams, loser. You are totally UNFUCKABLE. You'll never get a girl like me - the only thing you'll get is rinsed. You'll get taxed for being so ugly - so pathetic. You have to pay, loser - you have to pay for being unfuckable to me. I want you to apologise with your cash - I want you to show me how sorry you are for being such a loser by paying me your unfuckable tax. Send me your $100 TAX you unfuckable pig - send it right now.

Y'know what, piggie? I think all my girlfriends would judge you as being totally unfuckable too. I know Kayla would - she's super-hot. She dates footballers and gym guys only - she's pretty just like me - so far outta your league - she would definitely NEVER fuck you... which means you owe her an unfuckable tax of $100 too - you can send that to me too. Oh and Natalyia - she'd never fuck you either - she's the kinda girl that would laugh in your stupid, ugly face if you ever asked her on a date. She'd take one look at you, curl her lip and tell you to fuck off with a flick of her middle finger. You owe her, too piggie - that's another $100. In fact you owe all my girlfriends an unfuckable tax because there's no way ANY of them would go near you. You'll never get to date a hot girl - never ever piggy. You owe all my girlfriends your unfuckable tax, Kayla, Natalyia, Coral, Emily, Megan - you owe so much money just because you're so totally unfuckable to girls and I'm gonna collect - send me your unfuckable tax loser!

Added: 06-05-2024
Clip Length: 15m 08s
Findom Rejection Humiliation

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