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Thank Me For Being Greedy
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It's kinda obvious the effect our snarky mean-girl attitudes has on you loser. It's disgustingly obvious - Ew! And it's not by accident either - we know our perfect dream-girl looks have losers like you drooling like lovestruck virgins. We know what we're doing to you - it's all contrived to rinse every last dollar from you. From our perfect hair and makeup - our glossy lips and XL lashes - to our short, tight outfits that show off our big fake tits, our tiny waists, our curvy asses and our long smooth legs. All to manipulate the cash from your wallet. You want what you can't have so badly. You know you don't deserve girls like me - you know you'll never be good enough which makes you want to pay me. You know that the only way to get attention from girls like me is to feed our greed. Pay or stay the fuck away because I'm not looking this hot for your cock - it's all just to take your money.

We deserve to be spoiled. Girls like me - Greedy findom Princesses - we deserve to have nice things, luxury cars, designer clothes, expensive shoes. We deserve to have gifts lavished on us, travel first class, have our bank accounts filled with cash. We deserve to have what ever we want because we look so fucking hot. And don't think for one second I'll hold back from telling you that I'm only interested in your money. I don't care if it hurts your feelings. You need to know the truth that hot girls like me only want your money... and you'll give it to me, right loser? You'll give me your money because I'm pretty and better than you. You'll give me your money, buy me gifts and pay my bills - whatever I say. That's just the way it works for losers who goon for greedy girls.

Oh and just so you know. There's no limit to how greedy hot girls are when it comes to rinsing losers like you. It's not like we'll take pity on you as we're ruining your whole fucking life. Hot girls aren't going to go easy on you - we'll give you zero fucking mercy. You'll pay up or be ignored loser. We'll keep demanding money and presents and for you to pay for whatever we want and you'd better find a way to afford it all. Dream girls like me have expensive tastes. We dine at expensive restaurants, we expect bottle service at the clubs and we dress and look expensive. You'll cover my hair and nail salon appointments. You'll cover my dates, you'll cover whatever I tell you and I don't care how your credit suffers or what you have to sacrifice to pay for it. Gooning for Greedy Girls is your weakness loser - so hurry up and pay up already!

Added: 19-05-2024
Clip Length: 14m 59s
Findom Rejection Humiliation

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