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Hurting Your Feelings Is Pure Entertainment
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Let's get one thing clear - Girls like me only date Alpha male types - not stuttering beta types like you who get totally intimidated by hot confident girls like us. Do you understand? You'd better because I'm going to brand it onto your inferior brain to make sure you remember it! I fuck hot, confident, athletic guys with gym-toned bodies, and losers like you get totally ignored or treated like absolute dirt. Does that little reality check hurt, reject? I hope it hurts your feelings to hear me tell you how out of your league I am. I'm way too good for a beta like you - and it's kinda offensive for you to even think you've got a chance. It's offensive for you to talk to me - it's offensive for you to be near me - it's offensive for you to even think about me! The only way you'd get my attention is with cash or by being totally humiliated by me.

I'll dress you up in some sort of pansy-poofy frilly-sissy maid uniform and leave you with a whole list of chores to complete while I head over to some hot guy's place to suck his awesome cock. You can clean my shoes, organise my panty drawer and finish off my schoolwork while I'm out on a date with your real man rival. Oh poor cry baby - I wouldn't care about you for one single second! Haha! And y'know what loser? You'll take all the humiliation and heartless abuse from me while I laugh in your ugly face because I'm the hot mean girl and you're an irrelevant nobody who is lucky to get whatever scraps of attention I throw your way - even if it is to just to stomp all over your self-esteem for my entertainment.

I bet you've been jerking your icky yick-stick to me being so mean to you haven't you fucktard? That's because humiliation is all you ever get from mean girls like me. And we enjoy doing it to you - seeing your poor heart-broken face tear-up as we tell you just what we think of you will make us even more horny for our real men. Telling you you'll never get to fuck us and never get to date us because you're such a Loooser before snatching the cash from your wallet is all you'll ever get from us. So go ahead and jerk to my cruel words loser because that's the best you'll ever have. Hot girls get what we want from losers like you because you're just suckers for our spiteful attitudes. Real men get to fuck and date us and losers like you just get to cry yourself to sleep with the sound of our insults ringing in your ears and a pathetic cummy puddle in your pants.

Added: 24-01-2021
Clip Length: 16m 04s
Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Rejection Feminization Findom

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