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Pierced 'Cause It's Permanent
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Stop your snivelling you little wimp - it was over in seconds, and you needed to be pierced - it's the only way I'll know that your device is truly inescapable... and that's SO important for what I have planned for you next. Getting the PA piercing was the easy part, chastity-boi. Once that's had a chance to heal - you'll be locked into your new device - your PERMANENT device. Uh-huh, cage-dork, PER-MAN-ENT! As in Forever... I have a teeny-tiny steel cage ready to lock you inside with a secure PA hook to keep to anchored in place for the rest of your fucking life. You won't be getting out of it ever again. You're going to find out what real chastity means. You're going to learn that chastity isn't a teasy little game that you can dip in and out of whenever YOU feel like it. Your cage-time is not something you get to control at all - because once your unwanted cock is scrunched away inside that metal dome, the hook pushed through your new PA piercing, the lock clicked shut... you won't be getting out of it ever again. EVER AGAIN!

Tell me, cage-boi, how does it feel to know you'll never get to fuck a girl ever again? How does that feel you pussy-free wimp? I wanna know - I want to know what it does to you to know that you'll never ever get to feel that pleasure - for the rest of your life. Your sexless, bonerless, orgasmless life. How does it feel knowing no girl will ever touch that thing - not with her pussy - not with her lips - not even with her fingers? How does it feel to know you can't ever cum again - I mean, not properly... not like a real man can. You won't experience the kind of surging powerful orgasm real-men enjoy while fucking a hot girl like me, or from having their big hard cocks sucked by our pouty blow-job lips... That's not for you ever again, sweetie. No sex, no blowjobs, no jerking off and NO BONERS. Yeah... how does that feel you little perma-reject? You can't even get hard in there - it's far too small - you can't get even a little bit hard. You have to go your whole life without erection-satisfaction haha! How frustrating right? Never ending frustration - that's what's waiting for you - as soon as you're locked up and trapped inside your little steel cage.

I'm sure you think this is so mean of me, don't-cha cage-boi? I'm sure you think this is Sooo cruel, huh? But it's not - it's for your own good. Being locked up isn't a punishment... even if it does feel like it... well maybe it is a little. Being locked up is going to make you a better simp. It's going to make you SO submissive - it's going to make you so easy to boss around and it's going to make you so SO desperate to please... and these are all good qualities, right? The longer you're trapped in that thing - the longer you're denied - the longer you're teased and frustrated and totally fucking blue-balled - the more obedient you'll become - until you'll be willing to do anything I say. Even though you'll know, deep down, that I'll never release you, you'll still have some hope. As long as I have the key, there's hope, right? So you'll do anything I say - no matter what it costs you - no matter how painful - no matter how humiliating it is... But don't you see - that's why you're going to stay in that thing forever and ever, sweetie? While you're willing to do ANYTHING I say - there's no reason I'd ever want to let you out.

Added: 01-04-2024
Clip Length: 16m 41s
Chastity Humiliation

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