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Crying Will Only Make Us Humiliate You More Cuckold
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Just so you know, cuckold - I just told my real man that you were actually crying about it. I told him how pathetic you looked - how you begged me not to leave you - how you sobbed and blubbered like a little bitch. He laughed obviously. He thinks it's as hilarious as I do. That's the truth - we don't care how much it hurts, we don't care how broken your heart is, we don't care about your tears - in fact, cuckold, your crying is only gonna make us enjoy this even more. So in case I wasn't totally clear before - I've been cheating on you for months. I know, cuckold, you think I'm such a bitch, right? I'm really not... A bitch would have carried on cheating on you behind your back... or a bitch would have left you... I'm not doing either - I'm telling you all about it and I'm certainly not leaving you - I'm cuckolding you - we both are - you're gonna be our cuckold - our simping, servile, live-in CUCKOLD!

You'll agree - I know you will. The alternative is never seeing me again and I know you couldn't bear that. So you'll accept a cuckold life - you'll accept being submissive to me and my real man - and you'll accept all the rules that come with your new servile life with us... Starting with the sleeping arrangements. Obviously, my real man and I will be in the master bedroom together - enjoying the beautiful super-king bed you were allowed to occupy for far too long. You, cuckold, will have your very own crate in the basement, out of the way. I know it's cold and dark and a little bit damp but if we're feeling generous toward you, we might allow you to take an old blanket down with you once in a while. The new man of the house will install some security cameras so we can watch you shiver and cry from the comfort of our cosy duvet... trust me, seeing you sobbing yourself to sleep in that miserable, cramped cage will totally get us in the mood to fuck.

It really will devastate you, won't it cuckold? The sound of your little princess getting fucked by the real-man that stole me from you. Hearing the Alpha that demoted you to cuck, making your heartless ex orgasm over and over again - listening to all the noises I'll make for him - all the pleasure we'll be enjoying while you suffer in your little basement crate waiting to be summoned for clean-up duties, chores, or to serve us. That's the life that awaits you, cuck. That's the price you have to pay to stay in my life. That's what we want for you - a miserable cuckold life. Cleaning up all the cummy messes my real man-made - wherever he made them... Serving us - being extra respectful to him no matter how much you'll obviously resent him... Chores and humiliation and then back to the basement with your scratchy little blanket for company! Awww - do you wanna cry some more, cuckold? Why don't you wait for my real man to get hear and then we really will give you something to cry about!

Added: 16-06-2024
Clip Length: 16m 57s
Cuckolding Humiliation

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