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I just can't get the image out of my head - my own step-daddy stealing my fucking panties. I'm just so grossed out. I just don't feel comfortable visiting my mom knowing what you did. I think I'm gonna have to tell her - and I mean tell her everything. Not just that I caught you red-handed stealing worn panties from my overnight bag, but that you were wearing a pair too. She is gonna be so mad - especially when I tell her all about the femdom porn you're into to - yes step-daddy... I know all about it... all of it. And when mom gets back, she's gonna now all about it too. She's gonna throw you out and will never have anything to do with you ever again. All because you couldn't keep your fingers away from my panties. So how are you gonna get out of this one huh? Nothing to say? Well I have a suggestion that will keep your secret between us and will even let you keep wearing panties as much as you like. If you like what you hear I want you to say, 'Yes Daddy' and I want you to say it in the prettiest, girliest voice you have. Go-on say, 'Yes Daddy.' You're going to become Daddy's girl because from now on - I fucking own you. You are my bitch, my panty wearing little bitch and if you want your secret to remain a secret, you're going to do everything I want - and you'll do it in panties. You'll give me money when I want, buy me things, keep my apartment tidy, run errands for me - whatever the fuck I tell you to do and with every command I want to hear a girly, lisping, 'Yes Daddy' from you.

Added: 28 Jul 2019
Clip Length: 15m 28s